Dimo Kurktschiev, MD, PhD

Associate Prof. in Gastroenterology

1978-84Studied Medicine at Plovdiv Medical Institute in Bulgaria (extinction for excellent results)
1985Medical doctor in anaestesiology and reanimation in the Kazanlak Hospital
1986-1988Medical doctor at Intensive care unit, Krichim, Plovdiv
1989-1993Postgraduate studies in Clinic of Internal diseases, Medical Academy Dresden, Germany
1992Award of the German society of gastroenterology for contributions in the field of immunology of hepatic diseases
1993Finished PhD thesis in the Medical Academy in Dresden, Germany
1993-1998Medical doctor in Clinic of Gastroenterology, University Clinic „C.G.Carus“, Dresden, Germany
1994-1996Specialisation in ultrasound diagnostics of the abdomen and vessel system in the Dept. of gastroenterology, University Clinic Dresden
1996-1998Specialisation in endoscopic diagnostics and treatment (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, PTCD, stents implanting, endosonography, etc.) in the Clinic of gastroenterology, University Hospital Dresden
1998-2002Chief of gastroenterological dept. in the Röhn Clinic, Freital, Germany
Since 1996 Specialist in internal diseases (University Clinic Dresden)
Since 2000Specialist in gastroenterology (University Clinic Dresden)
Since 2002Specialist in diabetology, Munich
since September 2002 Chief of „Robert Koch“ German Мedical center in Sofia, Bulgaria
since 2004 Consulting doctor of the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies in Bulgaria
since 2006 Vice-president of the National movement „Healthiness“ in Bulgaria
since April 2010 Associate professor in gastroenterology
More than 50 talks/lectures and posters at international meetings in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Holland, Russia, Finland, Bulgaria, Latvia etc.
More than 30 publications in scientific journals and books
Member of many associations in gastroenterology, diabetology etc.